1.It is the duty of parents to read through the school calendar daily and sign the remarks, if any. The terminal examination results should be scrutinised and signed by parents. Parents should also keep an eye on late attendance reports. Reasons for absence should be entered in the calendar. Students absenting themselves should submit a Leave letter to the Principal the next day.
2.When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to state in their letters the class and section in which their children are studying.
3.Parents and visitors are requested to meet the Principal between 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. At other times by appointment.
4.Parents, guardians or any other person are not allowed to see the children or meet their teachers during school hours, without the prior written permission of the Principal. They are requested to bring their complaint, directly to the Principal and not to any member of the staff.
5.Phone calls for teachers during class hours will not be accepted.
6. Parents of school children should apply for railway concession 14 days before the form is required for the booking of tickets, and only to their native place.
7. Minor students should NOT bring fast vehicles i.e. motor cycles, scooters, Mopeds into the school campus. Only cycles are allowed. However, cycles are not to be ridden inside the campus.
8. Use of cell phone/Smoking/Use of Alcohol is strictly prohibited and liable for dismissal.
9. As per rule Your Ward should NOT take a tuition from any Teacher of this school, All tuitions MUST STOP ONE MONTH BEFORE THE EXAMS.
10.The Progress Report card should be inspected by the parents and signed regularly. If you feel your ward is not making the desired progress feel free to meet the Principal in time. The Principal will be glad to guide and advise you.
11.The students should neither be encouraged to absent themselves from the school, nor be relied upon for misleading information they carry home, unless you personally confirm it from the Manager/Principal/ Class Teacher.
12.Parents are adviced to refrain from criticism of teachers in the presence of students. This causes the students to lose respect for their teachers. Any problems could be discussed with the Manager.
13.Defaulter students on any account, and violation of any rule shall be punished or fined as ordered by the school authorities/ Principal.
14.It is the duty of the Parents to ensure that their children reach in time to School.
15.Parents are adviced to keep proper details of the drivers and vehicles carrying their children.