1.Boys: Short Military Cut.
2.Girls: Short haired. Should use black nylon hair band with grey uniform and white nylon hairband with white uniform. Long haired girls should make two plaits in the form of a 'Jhula' with black ribbon on grey uniform days and white ribbons with white uniform and PT dress
3.Sikh students must wear navy blue turban with grey uniform and white turban with white uniform and PT dress.
4.Students not wearing the proper uniform will be given remark in the school diary. If this happen three times parents may be asked to meet the Principal.
5.Students should be clean and always neatly dressed. They must have their hair closely trimmed and properly combed. No high lightinig of hair and fancy hair cut. Parents will be called if hair cut is not proper. The uniform and the blazer used for the winter months should be of the same colour/ pattern as adapted by the school. No other colour/pattern will be allowed. Neglect of any of the above will be liable for a punishment. Nails to be trimmed properly.
6.Girls are allowed to use only studs or small earings and not allowed to use rings, bangles, nail polish, payals, chain, bindi, locket outside the tunic.
7.Senior boys must shave and come to school or else they will be sent home and parents will be called.
8.On Birthdays, boys may come in trousers and shirt. Girls will only wear Salwar Suits. No jeans with tight fitting tops or kurties will be permitted. The salwar suits must be decently tailored with sleeves. Class IX onwards students are not allowed to come in coloured dress on birthdays.
9.Wrist watches to be worn with decent straps.
10.Spectacles must have simple and decent frames.